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On 9 February 1893, a petition signed by eleven Freemasons and recommended “for the favourable consideration of the MW the Grand Master” by the Master of Royal Athelstan Lodge, No 19, was presented at Freemasons’ Hall.

The petitioners prayed the MW the Grand Master – the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII – to grant to them a Warrant for the purpose of forming a Lodge “to unite in brotherly association, members and friends of the several telegraph companies and others interested in the advancement of submarine telegraphy and electrical science from various parts of the world.”

The Petition named the Marquess of Tweeddale, KT as the first master, Sir George Elliot, Bart, Pr. G. M. South Wales, Eastern Division, first Senior Warden and Major Alexander Wood first Junior Warden.
The application was successful and a Warrant was granted on 18th February 1893.

Past Master's Jewel

Bro Oskar Moll's Jewel

Past Master’s jewel for Telegraph Cable Lodge, No. 2470 presented to Bro. Oskar Moll, 1898

Courtesy of the LIBRARY & MUSEUM OF FREEMASONRY, Freemasons Hall, London

Present & Past Masters

2018/19J Bartlett-Vanderpuye23-Feb-05Initiated
2017/18J Bartlett-Vanderpuye23-Feb-05Initiated
2016/17H A MouldInitiated
2015/16H A MouldInitiated
2014/15D A NiimoiInitiated
2013/14C A R Best22-Feb-06Initiated
2012/13C A R Best22-Feb-06Initiated
2011/12J Bartlett-Vanderpuye23-Feb-05Initiated
2010/11J A Hammond19-Apr-02Initiated
2009/10J A Hammond19-Apr-02Initiated
2008/09G Dzonu01-Feb-02Joined
2007/08A M Richards19-Apr-02Joined
2006/07S A Jones26-Feb-92Initiated
2005/06R Boulton27-Feb-91Initiated
2004/05J F Lines28-Feb-90Initiated
2003/04H V T Addy20-Apr-90Joined
2002/03S S Sykes23-Feb-94Initiated
2001/02S S Sykes23-Feb-94Initiated
2000/01T G Fissenden
1996/98J F Lines28-Feb-90Initiated